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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do you get your product?

We buy liquidations and closeouts from various locations.  Our groceries come from reclaim centers where grocery stores return products for multiple reasons including: packaging flaws, damage, dating issues or discontinued product lines.  We are constantly searching to find great closeout bargains so that we can fill out store with products at great prices for you!

Is out-of-date food safe?

 We closely follow state guidelines with regard to the safety of the food products we sell.   We also do additional research and have our own set of internal guidelines to ensure that our food is safe.  Most food is “good” well past the date on the boxes and we try to price these items to sell quickly allowing us to keep the freshest products on our shelves.  Despite our best efforts, we do sometimes miss items.  If you ever purchase an item from us that is stale or bad, we will happily refund your money or replace the item.  We count on feedback from our customers to let us know when something isn’t right.  Our goal is to have the best quality control measures in place and feedback from our customers is a very important part in that process.

Why are you closed on Saturday?

The owners are Seventh Day Adventist.  Saturday is our day for worship, rest and family.  We are open Sunday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m.  for your convenience.

Why are some food items higher than other stores?

One of the goals of our store is to be a one-stop shopping place for our customers.  There are some items that we just don’t get in our discount loads and those items we buy from local retailers or wholesalers.  These items may include things like milk, bread, cheese, meat, sugar, major brand soda, certain baking items, etc.   When we purchase these types of items we may or may not get a great deal like we do our other items making our price to you either the same are or a little higher than other stores.  Ultimately, we like giving our customers a place to get everything they need in one trip and always try to do that with the lowest cost possible.

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